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Best Travel Golf Bags for Short- and Long-Distance Trips

Best Travel Golf Bags for Short- and Long-Distance Trips
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There are plenty of golfers who love the idea of being able to visit exotic locations in order to enjoy a round of golf. However, bringing your original golf bag can be quite a hassle.

Even if you’re heading out on a family vacation to an area with a golf course, it’s about time that you started researching the best travel golf bag that will protect your clubs and golf gear. Hence, we’ll discuss three of the travel bags for everything that you’d need for a regular round of golf while you’re away.

Best Travel Golf Bag Reviews

1. CaddyDaddy Golf Constructor 2 Travel Cover

The CaddyDaddy Golf Constructor 2 Travel Cover is so unique since you have the option of storing your existing golf bag or using the cover as a bag itself when you’re heading out on a trip. With plenty of great features, there’s plenty to take advantage of with the use of this bag.


Several of the best features of the CaddyDaddy Golf Constructor 2 Travel Cover include:

  • 1800 denier construction: You can guarantee that durability and resilience are two characteristics you’ll appreciate with this golf bag, as it’s made of 1800 denier, which will protect not only your clubs but the bag itself.
  • Lockable zippers: If you want to protect the expensive components that you bring with you while traveling, you can easily lock the zippers on the side pockets and the main pockets while traveling.
  • Heavily padded: For extra protection for your golf clubs, especially during air travel, there is extra padding included in the bag to prevent scratches and dings.
  • Cinch straps: To keep your clubs more secure than ever before, there are cinch straps included both inside and outside of the CaddyDaddy Golf Constructor 2 Travel Cover to keep everything in place.
  • Fully collapsible: In the event that you need to store your travel golf bag, you’ll love how it’s fully and easily collapsible to take up less space.


  • check
    Plenty of internal storage
  • check
    Weighs far less than airline restrictions
  • check
    Zippers move easily
  • check
    Stands on its own with golf bag inserted


  • Wheels are poorly constructed
  • The bag could tear with a lot of travel.
  • Bottom of the bag may rip

2. Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover

If you’re searching for the most ergonomic bag that you can bring with you on your travels, the Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover is a convenient design to have at your disposal.

There are a variety of interesting features that help make it far more comfortable to bring with you compared to other travel bags that are for sale.


The features that you’re likely to use the most often on the Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover include:

  • Ergonomic main handle: The main handle on the Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover is an ergonomic pivot-twist handle that allows you to maneuver the bag with a flick of your wrist instead of having to pick the bag up and adjust it.
  • Skid-resistant ABS base: The base of the Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover is designed to prevent skid marks on impressionable surfaces, and the ABS design offers extra safety when rolling it through airports.
  • Ergonomic grips: There are also ergonomic grips on the side of the bag that help you to maneuver the Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover without having to worry about arm or wrist strain.
  • Compression strap: To help keep all your clubs secure, you’ll be able to benefit from the internal compression strap that keeps everything in the right place.
  • Lockable main zipper: In an effort to secure all your valuable golf equipment, the main zipper is lockable with the use of TSA-approved locks.


  • check
    High-quality stitching and padding
  • check
    Adequate denier
  • check
    Wheels are constructed well and easy to remove
  • check
    Spacious storage


  • The stiffness of fabric 

3. Callaway Sport Travel Cover

The Callaway Sport Travel Cover is a reputable choice, and its sleek appearance and protective components are what make it a contender for the best travel golf bag for short and long-distance trips.


For superior club protection, you’ll want to take advantage of these features of the Callaway Sport Travel Cover:

  • Padded interior: The inner shell of this travel golf bag offers superior padding to help keep your clubs protected, especially when stowed in the under-cabin storage of planes.
  • Adjustable compartment straps: Both inside and outside of the bag, you’ll have fully adjustable straps to help keep your clubs in place while traveling.
  • Two zippered pockets: There are two zippered pockets for additional gear and accessories on the front and rear of the Callaway Sport Travel Cover.
  • External handles: To make the bag easier to carry, the manufacturer added two external handles that could be used by one or two people at the same time.
  • Valuable's pocket: There is a special pocket integrated into the Callaway Sport Travel Cover that is fully lined with velour to keep your important belongings protected.
  • Smooth in-line wheels: In the event that you don’t want to carry the Callaway Sport Travel Cover, you’ll appreciate the smooth inline wheels that make maneuvering the bag with one hand simpler.


  • check
    Protects golfing equipment from water
  • check
    Very lightweight
  • check
    Pockets are easily accessible


  • Polyester material is not durable
  • Easily marked and stained


It’s easy to see that the Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover is the best travel golf bag for any length of trip, especially if you’re interested in protecting your clubs as well as preserving the look and feel of your travel bag.

This particular model is equipped with more than enough storage that enables you to either store your clubs and gear on their own or to bring your regular golf bag with you.

You’ll also appreciate the easy maneuverability of the Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover, especially as it has specially designed handles that allow you to move the bag without worrying about wrist strain or fatigue.

Constructed out of a high-quality denier with very durable stitching, it’s improbable that you’ll ever have to worry about storing your golfing gear on a plane and getting a damaged bag in return.

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