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Interview with Don Toth former golf playing professional, teacher, and  golfgearguy.com partner

GGG: Don tell me about your childhood and how you got into golf?

DT:  I grew up in a small-town in Saskatchewan, Canada. In our small town there was a 9 hole golf course. Through my childhood years my friends and I would go round & round. As I grow a little older my father liked to play competitively. I would caddie for him at a very young age and dream of the day when I could hit it as far as he could.

GGG: How did you end up in Edmonton where Wayne Gretzky played for the Oilers?

DT: I moved to Edmonton, Alberta where I started my career as a Golf Pro at the Edmonton Golf & Country Club. I spent the majority of my years as a Golf Teacher at the Victoria Golf Club in downtown Edmonton and the Thai School of Golf Education in Bangkok, Thailand.

GGG: Did you know Wayne Gretzky?

DT: I started at the Edmonton Country Club the year Gretzky was traded to LA.  I asked the pro shop guys first day I started....

Which club storage stall was Wayne's? I took it immediately and used it the rest of the years I worked there.

GGG: Did you play professional Golf?

DT: I enjoyed playing golf competitively both as an amateur and professional. Early in my professional career I had a desire to upgrade my golf knowledge & skills to be more competitive.

 GGG: Where have you played professional golf?

DT:  I’ve had experience playing on the Golden State Tour in California & have played several events on the Canadian PGA tour.

GGG: What was the craziest thing you did to get better at golf?

DT: In an attempt to establish skills that would stand up in a competitive environment I drove all the way from Canada to get a  golf lesson from Dean Reinmuth in San Diego, California.

GGG: What did you learn from Dean Reinmuth famous Golf Channel Golf Instructor?

DT: The philosophy Dean shared was a dramatic shift from anything I’ve heard. It was based around relaxing muscles groups, freeing up your joints to work naturally & overall having a relaxed demeanor. It was a major shift in my golf world & a passion that I’ve carried forward from that time on. The ability to find relaxation within your self both mentally and physically has been an amazing journey.

GGG: How long have you been teaching golf?

DT: I’ve been teaching, working & growing with this knowledge going on 30 years. During this time I was so inspired by this feel based technique I started a Golf School for the Blind. The students excelled way beyond what either of us could have imagined & have gone on to enjoy golf as a life long passion.

I feel so fortunate to have been blessed with learning, developing & sharing this wonderful skill.

Happy golfing my Friends!

Hope you enjoy!