Best Golf Training Aid for Swing Plane

Best Golf Training Aid for Swing Plane
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If only you could find a product that will train your mind body and golf club to swing on plane.  The way you think about golf would change forever.  When you find the best golf training aid for swing plane, know that, success is just right around the corner.

Best Golf Training Aid for Swing Plane

There are many instructional methods to swing a golf club

For all the coaching and coaxing and manipulating body movements to find the desired ball flight.  Instructors face a never-ending challenge of self-improvement so they’re able to pass along valuable information to you, all in an effort to improve your swing plane. 

There are literally millions of golf lessons being absorbed by students each year. They’re taking place on golf driving ranges around the world and while watching YouTube golf videos in the comfort of your own home.

There are also hundreds if not thousands of training devices all geared towards swing improvement. For all of these products and all of the countless hours of instruction the end goal always remains the same.

“Get the golf club to swing on plane”

All the golf instruction and all the training devices in the end are geared towards getting you the student and your golf swing, on plane!  Each piece of instruction on its own may not discuss the end goal of getting your club on plane. It is however a building block or a skill required so the instruction can move towards getting your club on plane.

Every concept and every training aid is a brick laid on a path winding it’s way towards your success.  The path once complete, when all the bricks of knowledge have been placed will lead you to a desired place. 

That destination will be a place where your golf club head swings on plane!

Two fabulous Products to get your golf swing on plane

There are two products that stand out as exceptional training aides that will deliver results and improve your game dramatically.  Keeping in mind there are many training products on market.

These are two proven winners. We’ve cut through all the clutter and tried all the products so you don’t have to. These two products rise to the very top of our list for your golf game improvement and getting your golf club on plane.

Super Swing Trainer Golf Full Circle        

This full swing golf trainer has been around for many years and has truly stood the test of time.  That in and of itself speaks to the quality and effectiveness of the product.


  • Great for introducing and maintaining muscle memory in the golf swing.
  • Helps you maintain the correct swing plane.
  • Greatly increases your consistency.
  • It allows you to relax while in the swing motion.
  • It allows you to focus only on the golf club being on swing plane.
  • Simplifies your thought process.
  • It’s easily portable, great for backyards, garages or the basement.
  • It will last you forever with minimal care.
  • A relatively affordable effective tool.
  • This tool teaches you without verbal instruction.
  • Has stood the test of time. 
  • It’s a fabulous investment in yourself and your golf game. 


  • As far as golf improvement goes, there are no cons.
  • This is not an immediate fix however, it takes reps to in-grain the feel.
  • There are other models available at significantly higher prices.

A more in-depth look at the super swing trainer golf full circle

This is just a fabulous tool for every skill level of golfer. It should be considered an essential tool for those just beginning golf or those struggling to find good form.

The simplicity of this tool as it appears to be just a circle on the tilted axes is a bit misleading.  This tool will provide you with the profound understanding not only of the golf club but your body movement as well.

When your golf club is forced to swing on plain you’ll begin to get feedback on the feeling of correct club movement. The feelings of correct club movement will start to build a foundation of swing thoughts you can take to the practice tee and golf course.

The swing trainer will pass along very specific in motion swing feelings and thoughts on a consistent basis. The consistency of those thoughts after many reps will form a solid foundation of the golf club head swinging on plane.

There are two key goals for every accomplished golfer  

Those two goals are, get the golf club / club head on plane and have the clubface itself maintain square through impact.

This tool has the ability to accomplish both of those goals all in the comfort of your own home.

Orange Whip Mid Size Golf Swing Trainer

​PGA Tour Players

The Orange Whip is being used by every skill level golfer out there. It’s a training aid that is highly touted and used by PGA superstars. Getting your hands on an orange whip will take your game to a new level.


  • Is an excellent swing path trainer.
  • Improves your Rhythm.
  • Enhances your flexibility.
  • Improves your balance.
  • Automatically teaches you tempo and sequencing.
  • Enhances your strength, which naturally improves your distance.
  • Very cost effective.
  • You can use it at home or at the course.
  • A relatively affordable effective tool.
  • Will never leave your golf bag it goes everywhere you go!


  • Your golf bag will be heavier to carry around.

​A more in depth look at the Orange Whip Mid Size Golf Swing Trainer Aid

The Orange whip golf swing trainer has always been seen as a great training aid for rhythm, flexibility, balance, tempo and strength.  It has been greatly overlooked as training aid to recognize and improve your swing plane.

The Orange whip is a fabulous tool to identify and feel your swing plane. The extreme weight of the swing trainer acts as a very heavy club. When you swing this training device you’ll be able to clearly identify the path the heavy ball weight at the end of the flexible shaft is swinging on. 

With many reps it becomes a great practice to notice the feeling of the weighted end swinging on plane.  The Orange whip will paint for you a very clear picture of swing plane. If you’re a little unfamiliar with the path or plane the club head should travel upon to achieve proper swing plane.  Watch some YouTube golf videos of the PGA superstars and noticed the club head movement and the path it travels.  It’s important to have a mental picture of the clubhead moving along plane line.

Orange Whip provides Swing Plane Clarity

When you clearly identify what the proper plane line looks like in your minds eye. Begin swinging the Orange whip to track that swing plane line. The extreme weight of the Orange whip provides an extraordinary feel for the plane line. It’s important for you to identify with the feeling of the Orange whip training aid swinging on plane.

As you continue to use the Orange whip there are so many benefits that you’ll experience. When you pay close attention to the plane line that is established for you by using this heavy training tool.  The connection will be established both mentally and physically of tracking the big orange ball on plane line.

It will become your goal to recognize and feel the big orange ball swinging on plane line along with the many other benefits. Then you’ll want to transfer the tracking of the clubhead along that same plane line.

Clubhead on Swing Plane

The club head of course has a much lighter club head. Even though the clubhead is lighter you’ll be able to identify where you want the clubhead to swing on plane. You’ll also be able to identify what it feels like to swing the club head on plane.

Establishing the connection both mentally and physically of the Orange whip swinging on the plane will improve your golf game dramatically. The Orange whip is such a simple yet extraordinarily effective training tool.

The Orange Whip is an ideal training aid for beginners, intermediates and advanced golfers alike.

Beginner Golfers will Benefit

Beginners and intermediates will get all the benefits of rhythm, tempo, sequencing and build strength in your golf swing.  You will also get the added benefit of becoming aware of the plane line this great tool provides.

Advanced players can really zero in on the precise plane line this is amazing training tool highlights.   The benefits of this simple tool are almost too many to mention you truly have to get your hands on it to appreciate all of its benefits.

If you desire straight ball flight, solid contact and extraordinary distance these two training tools are exactly what you’re looking for!

Two Golf Training Tools to Transform your Golf Game

The Super Swing Trainer Golf Full Circle and Orange Whip Midsize Golf Swing Trainer Aid will transform your golf game.

If you were to use a combination of both of these training aids the improvement to your game would be immediate.

The combination of positioning techniques and feel based techniques will work together to enhance your knowledge dramatically.

Golfers have simple goals

The goal of any golfer is to have straight ball flight and feel like you’re striking the ball solid. These two amazing tools, used on their own, will most certainly improve your skill level.

Both of these tools working complementary to each other, will not only provide you with straight ball flight and solid strikes.

The Circle Trainer and Orange Whip will provide you with many years of golf enjoyment and limit your susceptibility to injury as you grow with the game.

Happy Golfing friends!

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