Best Insoles for Golf Shoes

Best Insoles for Golf Shoes
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Have you ever had to call off a game or sat out a round or two due to foot pain? Has somebody told you that it’s just part of life? Well that’s too bad, and it’s not true.  What you might need is insoles for your golf shoes or any shoes for that matter. 

Perhaps you’ve tried insoles for your work shoes or other footwear and have found relief where there used to be pain.  It’s likely that you think you don’t need insoles for your golf shoes because it’s not like you’re running laps or jumping hurdles.  But think again.

As you prepare to swing, your feet are in constant motion, with pressure on different parts of both feet.  And that’s not the only part that will benefit from an insole; happy feet help your whole body from the ground up.   It is important to be in the best posture and form you can for golf.

I am sure your local drugstore will sell some run-of-the-mill insoles.

Keep reading if you want relief!

This article is going to present to you the product which, as one satisfied customer wrote, felt like her feet were ‘literally being massaged with every step’. These are the Massaging Insole by Pacesetters Promotions.  

The Best Insoles for Golf Shoes by far!

Are these insoles comfortable?

How many times did you long for the end of the golfing day to take off your shoes and relax?  Sure, the game of golf is great fun and good exercise, but it’s not light work for your feet. There’s lots of walking, pressure on different parts of your foot, and before you know it, you are wishing you had your feet up, toes free.

No matter how comfortable your golf shoes are, at the end of the day they are probably feeling like slabs of wood.  

Massaging Insoles are the solution that will extend your golf day well beyond the 19th hole.  Your feet sit atop a soft bed of 100 % glycerin, which flows and supports your feet where they needed most.  They are not named ‘massaging’ as a marketing ploy, they do apply just the right amount of pressure to your foot where you need it, as you make your way around the course.  

These are so slim and comfortable the fit into any shoe.  One of my favorite uses are in my dress shoes for special occasions.  I just flip them our of my work shoes into my dress shoes. 

Do these help me with my balance for golf?

What happens to your feet as you swing your golf clubs?  At first, both feet are planted. When you swing, you are turning one foot and placing more pressure on the other. Contact with the ball and the follow-through involve still more movement, lifting of heels and turning.

That’s a lot of movement and pressure on different parts of your feet, and the Massaging Insoles’ fluid center flows as you move and change your stability.

A good stance is the foundation of a good swing.  Stability is essential for power and accuracy. Insoles not only help you become more stable, but they also help correct your body alignment.  They help align your body from the ground up, correcting your posture and supporting you while you shift your weight.

When you consider that 90% of golfers don’t shift their weight correctly, this is good news for your game indeed. As you march through the course, your scores will improve.  One study showed that wearing insoles could even help you get the ball farther. Who wouldn’t want that?

Will these inserts provide relief?

Golf may not come to the top of the list when most people consider sports injuries, especially to the feet.  However, many golfers experience the pain related to overuse and over extension. Hours of standing, walking and swinging can take their toll on your feet, back, knees and hips. Often it results in exhaustion and pain.

Massaging Insoles have proven over and over that they help relieve foot pain of all kinds.  Not only do they absorb shock, but they cushion your heels. Customers with pain in their hips, Achilles, heels, knees, and back have raved about how their pain was virtually eliminated.   Nobody wants to live with pain. Using these insoles you probably won't have to.

Can massaging insoles cure my aches and pains?

Golfers tend to suffer from particular problems associated with the feet. Massaging Insoles not only help relieve pain, but can cure medical problems that normally cost hundreds of dollars to treat.

Plantar Fasciitis: If you feel a radiating pain in your heels after resting or upon waking in the morning, chances are you may have this condition.

With golfers, this is caused by wear and tear.  One customer had severe plantar fasciitis in her left foot and purchased a pair when at an outdoor event.  She had walked all day and was in great pain. She reports happily that after wearing them for a short while, her pain was gone.  After wearing them for a summer, she even forgets which foot had the pain!

Metatarsaglia: If you have pain in the ball of your foot at the center, you may have this symptom.  While it is usually caused by ill-fitting shoes, it can be relieved by insoles. The Massaging Insoles lift and support the arch of your foot, reduce friction and help absorb shock to your foot.

A Great Value!

Customers say that they have spent hundreds of dollars on physiotherapy sessions and other orthotic inserts which were, as one put it, ‘an expensive means of torture’.  While Massaging Inserts cannot replace the kind advice and suggested therapy of your doctor, they have offered pain relief to many at a fraction of the cost of a physio visit.

Considering these are under $50 Canadian, these insoles are a great value, so little money to spend on something so life-changing!  The price is low enough so that it is not difficult to purchase several pairs, for yourself or your family members to be in comfort as they stride their way to natural foot health.  Don’t let the price tag discourage you from a pain-free day of golf!

Trust this product will work!

Like most people you probably use google to find out as much as you can about a product.  This is a great way to find information, but who are you supposed to believe? There are thousands of articles about foot pain and potential solutions.  

What can you do if your feet hurt?

Let me tell you my story and I am sure it will help.  First I googled “Why do my feet hurt?”  The results of this search lead to many reasons why my feet may have been hurting.  Included in all these search results were a plethora of pain descriptions including tingling, burning, sharp, shooting, lighting like…

 This lead me to find out that Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common reasons for foot pain.    

Two main points came of the articles I read:

  1. Massage the Facia Ligament

  2. Try Wearing Insoles

 I started to massage my feet in the morning and evening for 5 to 10 minutes.   This helped with the pain but it was gross and tough on the hands.

 Then I blew a $100 on gel insoles these were bulky and OK at best but my feet still hurt. 

Based on a random recommendation my buddy Mike and I purchased a couple of pairs of massaging insoles online for less than $100.    4 days later we had our insoles. 

Trying them for the first time was really cool – like water under your feet.   A couple of weeks later Mike and I both noticed that our feet weren’t hurting anymore.   

Massaging Insoles who would have thought?  A massage every time you took a step; can it get any better?

Currently I have 5 pairs:  2 sets in golf shoes, 1 set in my walking shoes, 1 set in my work shoes, and believe it or not in my skates. 

They are black and can easily be fit in any type of shoe.  Can be cut to fit any footwear you desire. Super Easy!

Liked the insoles so much I wanted to share my experience with all!    These massaging insoles are magic and more than worth their weight in gold.  

Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of pairs.  You won’t regret it!

Why should I buy them?

If you can’t play a round of golf without discomfort, chances are you need insoles for your golf shoes.  You deserve to be comfortable and pain-free as you play. You don’t need to suffer in silence, and force yourself to finish the round.

Existing foot, leg, or back pain can be relieved as as you walk anywhere, possibly curing conditions that have caused you pain for some time.  Best of all, purchasing a few pairs for a loved one or golfing friend, and you can all enjoy a nice long day, pain-free at the course.

Using these insoles in work boots is an awesome way to get through the day.

Another friend recently purchased a pair and his comments on day 2 with them in his work shoes was:  "It is like walking on a water bed, a little weird but cool" 

If you have been looking for a solution for your sore feet ;  click here to read all the great reviews and buy a pair or two.

Happy Golfing and Life!

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