How to Get Good at Golf Fast

How to get good at golf fast
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Is it possible to fast track your golf learning curve? Can you accomplish impressive golf skills in weeks or months, whereas for many it’s taken years or a lifetime?

Do you enjoy an intense personal challenge? Can you pull something off knowing that very few can?  If you feel you’re ready for the ultimate challenge of not just learning how to play golf…you want to turn the dial way up.

You’re going to get good at golf fast!

Let’s do this!!

How to become a better golfer in 30 days

Put yourself together a task list, a daily workout routine if you will. This intensive 30-day golf workout routine will include practice and focus in each of these areas.

  • YouTube golf videos
  • Practice in your home
  • Practice in your yard
  • Eat…sleep & breath your particular golf concept
  • Hit balls on the practice range
  • Play golf

YouTube golf videos

Get comfortable…pour yourself a coffee if need be.

Fire up your computer, as this little device will be acting as your primary tube golf we come.

How to get better at golf with on-line instruction

There are many world-class instructors with YouTube golf videos readily available to help you with this process.


Dean Reinmuth San Diego

Josh Zander Stanford University Golf Course

There are many instructors to choose from on the world-wide-web. What you need here however is a focused golf system not stand alone tips.

Dean Reinmuth does provide such a system that includes, sound lifelong fundamentals, which will serve you well both short and long term. Josh Zander provides some simple movements and concepts. For example, his YouTube video on leg action is simple, easy to execute and very effective.

Take a Deep Dive into the golf system

Dive right into the golf system instruction of your choosing. Pay very close attention to the instructional videos. Mimic the movements in front of your computer as they demonstrate the concepts.

Work through the movements time and time again as though you’re doing a workout routine. Establish the feel of the movement & understand the concept of the movement and repeat non-stop.

There are three primary areas of focus you’ll need to perfect your skill set. These areas include:

a) Set up position Including Grip

b) Relaxation techniques

c) In motion swing thoughts & body movement

Golf set up position

Do extensive YouTube golf video work for each of the three key areas. Perfect your set up position and grip with the video work. Watch the videos closely… get into the positions in front of the video. You'll need to feel and understand the correct positions.

Understanding and executing the set up and grip will provide your foundation. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!! In the beginning it may take some time to feel the straight lines within the setup position. Those lines being, you’re straight back with tilt forward, bend within your knees, arm hang etc.

Continue to watch the videos on this section alone until you can posture up in front of the computer virtually immediately and feel you’re in good position. You must feel you look like a professional in your setup.

Golf Setup Position

Relaxation drills for golf

View all of Dean Reinmuth’s Golf YouTube videos. Dean’s videos can provide you with all the relaxation techniques you’ll need to approach the game. Further more to address the ball & utilize the relaxation techniques within the swing motion.

This relaxation technique is your true fast track, it will be your key on how to get good at golf fast. Understand the concepts thoroughly, establish the feel of relaxation deep within your being and understand the effect it will have on your success.

This step must not be overlooked...your greatest focus must go in to this stage of your golf fast track process. To see more on golf concentration drills follow this link.

In motion golf swing thoughts and movement

This becomes the technical part of the golf process, which can be very fun and exciting. In motion thoughts and body movement are where you'll begin to utilize your skills both mentally and physically to achieve that 300 yard drive.

Again it’s very important to watch many YouTube golf videos on all aspects of the in motion movements. Pay particular attention to how the legs and lower body contribute to the golf swing. Go through the movements repeatedly until you feel you can do it quickly & precisely. Understand the upper body movement including your arm movement. Make an attempt to repeat these movements with ease, also feel & understand the purpose of the movement.

Putting it altogether… the lower body and the upper body contribute in their own way to successful golf. Understand how your lower body contributes & plays it’s role, as well as your upper body. Having both units work as a single unit with efficiency and ease is highly important.

Golf swing thoughts to help develop consistency will be your focus. Establish for yourself some techniques from the golf videos. While practicing feel that you develop your own wording of those golf swing thoughts.

How to practice golf at home

Establish an in-home golf workout routine from that extensive work you’ve done on YouTube.  Practice your leg action, continue to repeat and refine.

This workout routine will cover, your body movement as it transitions from backswing to a relaxed finished position.  Work on your body and chest rotation.

This workout routine will should cover these areas. Your arm movement from the static position of set up to the full-motion of backswing through to impact & finish.

Try to stay relaxed through each and every process.

How to practice golf in your backyard

Practicing golf in your backyard will become the key to your success. It’s highly important to get many swings reps in without the distraction of having to hit a golf ball. Without the distraction of the golf ball you’ll be able to focus on your key movements. Learn how to do them precisely.

When the golf ball is introduced your focus can become divided as you may become results orientated rather than execute your process.

The backyard practice is of course to feel what you seen on YouTube. It’s also to feel the work you’ve done in-home on your workout routine. This backyard practice is important for you to put the pieces together.

Your goal here is to become mentally connected with your swing thoughts, to feel and establish your movement.

Daily and Weekly golf practice schedule

It’s important that you layout your daily and weekly schedule. Your daily schedule should include five of the six tasks outlined at the beginning of the article. You should make time to get on the golf course for a round of golf at least twice a week.

Notice closely when you play golf what your ball flight tendencies are. If your tendency or mis-hits result in fading the golf ball, look for a solution on you tube. Early on it’s not how you play or how you'll want to identify your ball flight tendency and make necessary corrections.

Do your research on YouTube for fading the ball, implement subtle changes designed to improve your flight.

25 Handicap Golfer

For the mid to high handicap golfer it’s very important to understand all the concepts. These would include the feel and structure of your setup, you’re relaxed state & you’re in motion movements and thoughts.

Establish a connection for each individual process then move through that process systematically in all the routines you establish.

Best golf advice...see your PGA Professional

Enjoy each part of the process, for each part of the process done correctly contributes to the solid ball contact you crave. Each part of the process is highly important on its own and will provide you success when incorporated as a whole.

Your PGA Professional can help you greatly with this process.

Happy golfing friends

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