How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice

How to Grip Your Driver Not to Slice
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Implement this simple left hand tweak and improve your golf forever! There are many videos produced, many articles & books written on how to cure the common slice. There is no better place to start however then to have a good solid grip of the club in proper structure to alleviate this age-old problem.

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice

Left hand on the grip

Let’s start this one hand at a time. The top hand for a right-handed player is of course the left-hand and opposite for the lefties.

From this point forward I’ll use the right-handed golfer as reference.

Your top hand on the grip is by far your most crucial hand to get positioned properly. Getting your top hand positioned on the golf grip properly is probably the single most important thing you’ll ever have to get right.

If your left hand position is too weak on the handle, your struggles with a weak ball flight and golf swing in-efficiencies will be long lasting.

If your left hand position is too strong, you’ll have an entire different set of issues to work out, namely the ball moving too much left (hooking or drawing).

Your top hand is, “The Club face Steering wheel”

Your top hand on the grip acts as the steering wheel for your club face. The positioning of your top hand on the handle has an immediate and direct influence on the club face positioning at impact.

 Notice several keys points with this players grip structure, again, top hand only. 

**Notice, the thumb buried under the lower hand and fully supporting the back half of the grip. The top hand thumb must not run down the grip’s centre, must be around the back half of the handle as shown.

How to fix a slice in golf with the driver

 **Notice, the back of the top hand just below the shirt sleeve how it appears to be laid somewhat flat on top of the handle. From this players point of view he’ll be able to see the second knuckle on the top hand very clearly. This is good!

**Notice…and this is the key! The angle of the wrist joint that is created with your left hand set on the handle in this position. The angle of your left wrist joint should be caulked at an angle similar to what you see above.

The Angle of Wrist the key to a square club face

Whatever key you use, whether that be keeping your thumb on the back half of the grip. Keeping some angle to the back of your hand or clearly seeing your second knuckle.

The key with-in your left hand structure is to insure you have the proper angle set within your wrist joint as shown in the Image.

This Golf Grip Training Aid works wonders

There's a very simple and affordable golf grip trainer. I've used this aide for years and it gives you perfect hand structure with both hands. The grip trainer comes in a two pack.  My recommendation would be to grip a practice club that you can keep at home. Use it while watching your favorite TV show so your hands can become familiar with the new hand position over time. After only a short time it will go from feeling awkward to feeling normal.

 The second grip, apply it to a club you can practice with and use it often. Your hands will naturally find a new position on the handle with ease. It's truly a fabulous tool ! It's been my go to favorite training aide for many years !

How to fix a slice in golf with the driver

 Fixing your slice once and for all, you may need to look no further than improving your grip.  When you play around with your left hand positioning you’ll notice very slight tweaks, stronger or weaker, will change the degree of wrist angle quite dramatically.  When you look down at your left-hand on the driver, look at that hand is a dial. Dial your thumb on that top hand to the right, you’re promoting the club face to return to impact more square or closed. Dial your thumb to the right or strengthening your grip only small fractions at a time.

Notice how this starts to decrease your slice.

Keep dialing your left hand on the grip to the right in small increments until you’ve eliminated the slice altogether. Conversely, if that same hand is dialed too much to the right, be careful. Your wrist joint is set way too flat on the handle it may promote a hook. Dial your hand back to the left to reduce the hooking of the golf ball.

The Golf Grip Reviewed

 Take a look down at your top hand on the grip of the golf club when in the set-up position. When you dial your top hand to the right, you’ll promote a square club face at impact and reduce the slice effect.

When you Dial your top hand to the left you are effectively reducing the angle of the wrist joint or weakening your grip. You’d want to dial your left-hand to the left if you are now hooking a golf ball more than you’d like.

Lower hand on the golf club

 The lower hand on the grip, the right hand for right-handed players, goes on in a fairly neutral position. As shown in the picture above, notice if this player were to open his bottom hand completely. The fingers will point directly to the ground. There is virtually no angle set within the wrist joint for the bottom hand. The bottom hand simply goes flat towards the handle then you close the fingers around the grip.

From the image above pay very close attention to how the left wrist joint angle is set in. Compare that angle to the look the right wrist angle. The grip shown in the picture above, this player favors a slight draw to the ball flight. This can be seen in a some what aggressive angle set within the left-wrist joint. Also the neutral position within the right hand or right wrist. The key again to promote a draw or square up the club face is done with the left wrist angle.

Left hand vs right hand on the grip

 It’s important to note when attempting to get the club face to return more square position at impact. Virtually all those adjustments should be done with the left hand alone. Dialing your left-hand to the right or the left (strengthen or weaken) will dramatically affect the club face ability to return to square.

Making those same adjustments with your lower hand has virtually no effect at all in aiding the club face to return to square. The key in returning the club face to square and minimize the slice effect or remove it altogether. Ensure your left wrist angle is in proper position, by way of your grip.

Slicing Driver but not Irons

 There is of course more speed involved with your driver swing than your iron swings. If you find you’re fading your driver yet your iron flight is straight and true. You likely need a very small adjustment with your top hand on the grip (strengthen) as the additional speed created with the driver has left the club face a fraction open.

A slight tweak stronger, dialing your top hand to the right, which effectively sets a little stronger left wrist angle. This slight adjustment should take care of this light fade with your driver.

Best driver to fix a slice

 The best driver to fix a slice has been to commonly go to a slightly offset club face. The adjustable weighting system on drivers is also helpful to promote a closed or open club face. Set up the weighting system to promote a draw.

Before you go and spend the pile of money on the new driver ensure your top hand is correctly positioned on the grip. Getting your top hand structured properly so as to set in the proper left wrist angle is highly important.

How to stop a slice in golf with the driver?

Look no further than the very basics of a sound grip of the golf club. When you get your hands positioned effectively on the handle you’ll be amazed as to how this returns the club face to square.

Remember your top hand positioning has a direct influence on whether the club head has the ability to return to square. Setting in the proper left hand wrist angle can stop a slice in its tracks.

Call Your PGA Professional

 If you’re unsure whether you have your hands are set correctly on the grip. Seek out the advice of your local PGA professional. Request a lesson that addresses the structure of your hands alone and the grip pressure you apply to the handle. An in-depth hour long instructional on proper grip structure and proper grip pressure will go a long way to improving your golf ball flight.

Happy golfing friends!

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