Rent Golf Clubs in Scottsdale

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Can I Rent Golf Clubs in Scottsdale?

If you want to explore beyond Scottsdale and Phoenix, it may be best to rent golf clubs in Scottsdale to give you full flexibility over where you go and when.

Renting golf clubs in Scottsdale is fairly straightforward if you know what to watch out for, as is finding the most scenic golf courses in Phoenix.

These insider golf rental tips will help you save money and avoid feeling ripped off by high charges when you pick up your rental golf clubs in Scottsdale.

There are golf rental companies in all major golf destinations and cities but don’t wait until you get here to find golf clubs to rent – that will always cost more than booking ahead.

Tips for getting the best price when you rent golf clubs in Scottsdale

It’s never too soon to rent golf clubs for your trip to Arizona.

You can get some fantastic club rentals in Scottsdale if you book online with the company of your choice.

The later you leave it, especially at peak holiday periods, the higher the cost will be and more difficult to find golf clubs.

As an example, when I first started looking to hire golf clubs, I could have rented a name brand golf set at many courses in Scottsdale for more than $40/day.    Renting Golf Clubs at the local golf courses by the day can get very expensive.   

My advice: Use a golf club rental website in scenic golf locations with cacti and desert to see what’s available.

Compare prices between rental companies e.g. club hub, rentmyclubs, or golf alley and others you may not have heard.

You can filter for a specific supplier, location or rating as well as other important features.

If you find a deal that suits you, book it up.

With most companies offering free cancellation, you can always get your money back if you spot a better offer or change your plans.

Rent Golf Sets in Scottsdale 

Golf clubs are rented by the day or even by the week, generally rentals will be more affordable by the day the more days you rent.

Select a company that delivers the clubs at the start of your vacation in Scottdale and picks the sticks up when you’re done.

You also need to double check delivery hours and for rentals and far away from the airports and especially in smaller cities.

Many charge higher fees for golf club deliveries a long way from hot golf rental cities like Scottdale.   

Tip: If you need a golf rentals for  5 or 6 days, try altering your search to see how much it would cost for a full week.

You may find a cheaper weekly deal and there’s nothing to stop you returning that golf bag and clubs at your convenience.

Multi-day Golf Club Rentals and Different drop-off/pick-up Locations

Some golf rental companies drop off and pick up your rental sticks within Scottsdale for a small fee.

The reality is that if your drop off point is different from the pick up location, even within the same city, you may pay more, sometimes considerably so.

How to deal with this: Find a rental company  that keeps delivery charges consistent no matter the pick up and drop off location.

Be sure to get a finalized  price to rent golf clubs in cities like Phoenix before your trip.

Keep things simple!

If you are flying in and out of different airports, it may even be worth arranging two separate golf club rentals.

Stiff, Regular, or Uniflex Shafts?

Most Golf Courses that rent clubs have a small selection of current model clubs at high prices. 

In Scottsdale to rent golf clubs at the local courses can get very pricey.

Depending on the company there may be a choice of shaft flex.

A Recommendation:  Generally softer flex golf shafts feel better when hitting a golf ball. 

If it feels great when you hit your hired sticks you will naturally play better. 

If you rent golf clubs that have uni-flex or regular shafts you know they will feel great.  

What are the busy times for Golf Club Rentals in Phoenix?

No doubt the busiest time to rent golf clubs in Scottsdale is during the month the Phoenix Open is at the TPC Scottsdale.

Golf Clubs are in short supply and therefore come at a premium cost.

The sticker price to rent clubs during February can be shocking.  

March is also extremely busy due to Spring Training Baseball Games.  National Favorite Past Time!

What to do about this: Reserve your golf clubs ahead of time to get the best pricing and clubs , it’s not that bad really and for that price difference, it’s worth doing if possible.

Get some indoor golf practice before you get to beautiful Arizona.

Convenience Matters!

While the clubs are different compared to what you normally play, rental golf club bags are full of high quality irons and woods any golfer can enjoy. 

Some golf courses may offer a sleeve of balls if you pay their exorbitant toll fees, but they won’t have all those little things that can make your golf rental experience the best!

To get the ultimate club rental experience get these extras:

  • Balls: some rental companies will have these to save you grief and money. 
  • Tees: renting a golf bag that includes some tees sets you straight on the tee box.
  • Towel: for those amazing Scottsdale mornings when the sun is beating on the morning dew. 

The clubs that should be included in an ultimate golf rental set:

  • A driver for those long par fours
  • A 3 Wood when you need that added accuracy
  • A Rescue Club or two to reach those greens
  • Irons that can range from the 4 iron to the wedges
  • Specific Wedges like a Sand Wedge or Lob Wedge
  • A Putter to drain those long birdie putts

You will appreciate the merits of having all the perks and clubs to make your rental experience exceptional. 

My advice: Online golf club rental companies will usually be the cheapest to hire.

Remember to choose a rental car that can take all your luggage in the boot (trunk).

If there are more than two of you and you’ll be doing a lot of driving, look for a midsize car or at least an economy car that has back seats that fold down to fit your golf clubs. 

Imagine what kind of vehicle you need to haul your personal golf clubs that are in those enormous golf travel bags. 

Should you hire (rent) golf clubs from the airport?

Scottsdale’s major international airport is Sky Harbor International Airport, it may have a golf rental company at the airport. 

Renting golf clubs from the airport just adds more time to your trip. Save your time, money, and back by renting golf clubs online before your travel.  

You will be happy you did!

You’ll get more choice and usually better deals with online rentals than other locations.

That said, avoid rush hour  in Phoenix if at all possible.

The freeways in both Phoenix and Scottsdale are some of the best in the country.  

This coupled with uber, means that getting around is a breeze.

If you have a GPS navigation system finding a golf game should not be a problem and will give you the freedom to explore.

My advice: Plan ahead to maximize your time on the golf course.  Book multiple golf club sets before your trip to the Phoenix area. 

Extra charges when you rent golf clubs in Scottsdale

Renting clubs in Scottsdale using google is easy and generally reliable but make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid unexpected charges.

You don’t want to end up in an argument with the rental company before you’ve even begun your holiday. 

Some club rental businesses employ various methods to bump up their profits but savvy travelers can easily keep these extra costs to a minimum.

Important tip: Get a quote with all the costs up front before book your rentals. Get rentals that include everything you will need on the golf course.

Check Your Rental Golf Clubs

When your rental clubs are delivered make sure you have all the clubs you need and that none of them are damaged. 

No need to get into an argument at the end of a great golf trip. 

What if there’s a problem?

If you have booked your rental golf clubs through a vendor such as clubs for hire and are hit with unexpected fees or anything that doesn’t match your agreement. 

Contact the company you made the booking with before paying for the golf rentals. This will give them the chance to mediate if necessary and resolve the situation. 

Additional Charges for The Newest Equipment

Some golf rental deals include the newest drivers and irons at higher rental prices.

This is standard and most companies will charge the highest rate for the first rental day to cover the  overhead costs of these golf clubs.

What you can do about this: Decide beforehand whether or not you will need the most expensive clubs or just great clubs at a better rate.

If so, take this into account when comparing rental deals between companies. Get a deal that doesn’t have hidden costs. 

Some companies may even have family golf sets to rent for those groups on a budget.

Cancellation Fees

Some companies offer free cancellation and amendments up to 48 hours before the date of hire while others are far less lenient.

Always check the small print for the cancellation policy before you rent some golf clubs.