Renting Golf Clubs in Arizona Can Save You Money

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Is it Easy To Rent Golf Clubs in Phoenix?

Renting golf clubs in Phoenix is very easy – most golf courses offer this service, but this can be a very expensive option.

Below are the costs to rent golf clubs at 6 courses in the Phoenix Area – it took longer to find the prices  than it took to create the chart.  

Are Golf Club Rentals at Courses Expensive?

Ya! Taking a simple average tells us that renting golf clubs in the  Phoenix and Scottsdale Area is expensive! 

Yikes that is more than you pay for a round of golf in Phoenix or Scottsdale during the hot summer!

But I still need to rent golf clubs what should I do?

The answer to this is easy, rent some golf clubs using online golf rental companies in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Sure you may get some golf balls with the courses if you pay the big bucks.

Those companies who rent golf clubs offers those anyways, not to mention tees, markers, and a towel.

Golf Rental Savings 

You can save hundreds by choosing to rent golf clubs online before your travel to Phoenix.

What can you do with your golf rental savings in Phoenix?

So here is my list in no particular order:

  • Go to Golf Now and book another tee time
  • Get some Mani-Pedis – Google IT!
  • Rent some bikes and hit the desert
  • Consider some golf lessons
  • Spend an evening at Top Golf
  • Buy some new golf gear
  • Send an etransfer to your significant other
  • Pick up a hot rental car for a day
  • Escape Room 101
  • Watch the Arizona Coyotes Play
  • Walk with your family at the Zoo
  • Find A Liquidated Event Ticket
  • Bounce around with the Phoenix Suns
  • Float with the Fire Bird Balloons
  • Tune in to the Musical Instrument Museum
  • Tour off road for a couple of hours
  • Head North to Sedona
  • NFL game at Cardinal’s Stadium
  • Bid at Barrett-Jackson’s Auction