What is a Sunday Golf Bag?

What is a Sunday Golf Bag
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Playing golf involves a fair amount of physical exercise especially when walking  18 holes. Lugging around a bulky golf bag packed golf clubs and balls while you walk around the course can be uncomfortable.  You also risk strain on certain core muscles of your body which will affect your scorecard.

Fortunately, most regular golf bags come with dedicated compartments to hold your gear in place. These including slots for your apparel and even an umbrella. The more space you have the more you tend to pack.  Resulting in an overloaded bag with things that you probably will not use for the average game on the course.

When looking for the best way to pack the essentials for your day on the course and be well prepared.  You may have come across Sunday golf bags and may not be familiar with what all they entail. If you prefer to walk the course and carry your bag, this option may be a fit.

What is a Sunday Golf Bag 2

Sunday golf bags have become increasingly popular among both novice and seasoned golfers for several reasons. Most notably because they are exclusively designed to allow them to carry the bare necessities.  Ease of carry  for a round or two on the course.

Compared to traditional golf bags, this range of bags is extremely lightweight. They can easily be compressed and stored when not in use. Most Sunday golf bags tip the scales between 2 and 4 lbs. when empty and with no stand attached. Speaking of support, some Sunday golf bags come with a stand to prop against a tree. While others are constructed to be laid down on the grass.

Unlike traditional golf bags that come with a myriad of pockets and a few straps. Sunday golf bags are limited in this department as most are fitted with a single strap to sling around your shoulder.  What you don’t get compared to regular golf bags, is a divider system for all your clubs and abundant storage.  Self-standing legs and cooler pockets are just another reason why these bags are a hit among golfers.

Given that Sunday golf bags boast a compact footprint.  Many golfers generally keep one handy in their trunk and load it with just items necessary.  This works great for beginners, junior, and senior golfers who don’t need to carry a full compliment of clubs or a dozen balls. 

Just like everything else Sunday golf bags aren’t perfect.  One of their downsides is they easily tend to get wet and soiled at the bottom when set on wet grass. On another note the best Sunday golf bags are crafted from washable material.  You can simply toss into a washer and have a spotless bag for your next golf adventure.

Why Are They Called “Sunday” Bags? 

A few decades ago caddies were not allowed to work on Sundays. Enthusiastic golfers had to carry their own bags. Since the players weren’t accustomed to carrying heavy bags themselves they were greatly dependent on caddies. The best way they could play a round of golf was to carry just the essentials themselves on Sunday. Hence the name “Sunday” bag was born.

While many believe that Sunday bags became virtually non-existent after Sun Mountain released the first golf stand bag in the 1980’s. It’s again here to stay! It makes perfect sense given that a Sunday golf bag weighs considerably less that an average golf stand bag.  Minus a few pounds and the weight of all inessentials that it simply won’t hold.    You’ve got a bag you can easily haul around.

What is a Sunday Golf Bag 3

What to Look For In a Sunday Golf Bag? 

Now that you know what a Sunday bag is.  Here’s what to look for before heading out shopping.

Material used

Given these bags are known for being lightweight.  The material used in their construction should also be lightweight or else it defeats the purpose. Most bags in this category are made from either nylon or polyester.  It's not only super lightweight and durable but easy to clean as well. A waterproof membrane is a bonus which will prevent the things inside from getting wet in rainy weather conditions.

Robust construction

Even though they aren’t designed to hold a full load of stuff.  The last thing you want is a bag that falls apart on the course or one that you will have to replace before the end of the season.


Sunday golf bags for the most part showcase a sleek design.  There are some that are bigger than others. Before you hit the shopping trail it is wise to determine what you usually will be carrying for a game.

Club divider system

As mentioned earlier, most Sunday golf bags do not come with a divider system, but there are exceptions. A few options fitted with a limited number of dividers do exist.   If you think  you absolutely could use the compartments then a Sunday golf bags with divider is what you should be looking for.

Straps and handles

Considering that you’re going to carrying this bag around while walking the course.  It would be a good idea to buy one that is fitted with a plush or comfort padded strap.


This assures you that the Sunday bag is built tough and will last you for a few seasons with proper care and maintenance.  

Final Thoughts

Sunday golf bags are a great investment. Even if you own a full-size bag because there may be times when you really don’t need your full set of clubs on the course. Some even come with additional slots to hold a few clubs and some of your valuables.  You get the best of both worlds, space and a lightweight companion on the course.

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