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Best Women Golf Bags of 2018: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Women Golf Bags
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One of the most important things you will need to buy for your clubs is a golf bag. However, it can be challenging to find the best women’s golf bags as everyone has their own idea of the perfect bag.

Because we know you’re facing a range of choices, we have reviewed five quality golf bags. These bags are some of the best you can get your hands on, and we think that you’ll easily be able to find the right one for your needs.

Top 5 Best Women Golf Bags Comparison Chart

Wilson Golf Women's 2017 Ultra Package Set, Right Hand, White

Cobra Golf 2018 Women's Ultralight Stand Bag (Quarry-Raspberry)

RJ Sports LB-960 Ladies Cart Bag with 3 Pack Head Covers, 9", Polk A Dot

Hot-Z 2017 Golf 2.5 Cart Bag, Ladies Lace

Datrek Golf Lite Rider II Cart Bag (Purple/Pink/White)

Best Women Golf Bag Reviews

1. Wilson Ultra Women's Club Set

Women who are looking for an all-in-one golf bag that is ready to use right out of the box will appreciate the Wilson Ultra Women's Club Set, as it comes equipped with clubs as well as a quality bag. With plenty of great features, you won’t have to worry about buying any additional components.


Several of the key features of the Wilson Ultra Women's Club Set with Bag include:

  • Left- or right-handed: When ordering, you have the option to choose between left- and right-handed clubs, making it easier to find the ideal club set for your dominant swing style
  • An assortment of included clubs: There is an array of clubs included in this package such as a fairway wood, four-hybrid, six to nine irons, and a mallet putter.
  • Standard length: Unless you need customized clubs, all the clubs in the Wilson Ultra Women's Club Set with Bag have a standard length, which make them easily adaptable
  • Headcovers included: To further protect your clubs, headcovers are included
  • Dual-zippered pockets: For extra storage, be sure to use the two accessory pockets, which are great for valuables, clothing, and extra golf gear such as balls.


  • check
    A good set for beginners
  • check
    Ideal for women of all heights
  • check
    The bag is very lightweight.


  • No standing legs
  • Uncomfortable to carry

2. Cobra Golf 2018 Ultralight Bag

If functionality is what you’re after, the Cobra Golf 2018 Ultralight Bag excels with a wide range of storage options and a few unique features that make the bag far more comfortable to carry. It also has a great look that will allow you to stand out from the others while on the course.


Some of the best features of the Cobra Golf 2018 Ultralight Bag include:

  • 5-way divider: In an effort to keep your clubs as protected and organized as possible, this golf bag is equipped with a five-way top divider as well as two full-length dividers to keep the majority of your grips separated from each other.
  • Quick-release shoulder straps: For added convenience, the quick-release shoulder straps make it simple to take the bag off your back
  • EasyFlex base: As a patented technology, the EasyFlex base on the Cobra Golf 2018 Ultralight Bag is specifically designed to protect your clubs from ground contact
  • 7 storage pockets: You’ll never run out of storage space with the 7 accessory pockets, which include a valuable's pocket, a beverage pocket, an oversized-apparel pocket, ball pocket, and more
  • COOLFLOW foam: Designed for optimal airflow, the COOLFLOW foam helps make this golf bag far more lightweight and breathable while carrying it on your back or shoulder.


  • check
    Superior functionality
  • check
    Plenty of storage
  • check
    Can easily hold an umbrella


  • Cooler pocket is not zippered
  • The stand doesn’t retract into the bag.
  • Slightly uncomfortable to carry

3. RJ Golf Ladies Cart Bag

Available in 7 different colors, the RJ Golf Ladies Cart Bag is one of the better looking golf bags for women, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer functionality as well. There are many things you’re going to like about this particular bag, ranging from its design to its integrated compartments.


The RJ Golf Ladies Cart Bag excels in many ways, such as:

  • 14-way full-length dividers: One of the largest concerns with most golf bags is that the dividers only rest on the top, causing your grips to bang against each other. Luckily, the RJ Golf Ladies Cart Bag is equipped with 14-way full-length dividers that help keep each of your 14 clubs and grips safe during travel
  • External putter well: For your most used club, you can take advantage of the external putter well so that your favorite club is always easy to access
  • 7 pockets: With the combination of four side garment pockets and three front ball pockets, you’ll never run out of space to carry any of your most important belongings.
  • Accessory attachments: Along with the pockets, you’ll also like the towel ring and glove attachment that will keep everything you need within arm’s reach.


  • check
    Easy to retrieve clubs
  • check
    Very lightweight material
  • check
    Optimal storage space


  • Poorly constructed head covers
  • Pockets are hard to access

4. Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag

Ideal for women who aren’t interested in all the bells and whistles you’d typically get with high-end golf bags, the Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag focuses on giving you what you need without any unnecessary features.


A few of the most notable features of the Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag include:

  • Lightweight nylon: To help make the bag even lighter to carry for long periods, it’s made of nylon, which doesn’t add to the weight of the bag and makes it quite easy to clean
  • 14-way top divider: Instead of having to worry about the heads of your clubs clinking together in the back of your cart or while carrying them across the course, the 14-way divider helps prevent any excessive damage.
  • 5 pockets: More than enough storage for all your important golf gear, the five zippered pockets include a velour-lined pocket for your most special valuables. You’ll also like the included scorecard sleeve and pen sleeve that can help you easily keep track of your progress.
  • Padded strap: The Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag isn’t equipped with stand legs, but it does have a padded carry strap to make transporting the bag more comfortable.


  • check
    Easy-to-use rain cover
  • check
    Resilient in harsh weather
  • check
    Lightweight and easy to carry


  • No full-length dividers
  • Nylon doesn’t feel comfortable

5. Datrek Golf Lite Rider II

As the fifth and final bag on this list, the Datrek Golf Lite Rider II could be exactly what you’d expect in a woman’s golf bag. It’s available in 9 different colors and has an assortment of great features you’re sure to use to your advantage.


Several of the key features of the Datrek Golf Lite Rider II include:

  • 15-way full-length dividers: Each of the club compartments in the bag not only helps keep the clubheads separate from one another, but the dividers are full-length, giving each club their own individual protective sleeve
  • Soft-grip putter well: To keep your most used club within arm’s reach, you can use the soft-grip putter well with ease. It’s oversized too, so that you can fit a wide variety of different clubs into the slot
  • Soft-grip lift handles: Instead of struggling with a hard plastic handle that is tough on your hands, the soft-grip, lift-assist handles make it safer and easier to pick up your golf bag
  • 7 pockets: Each of the 7 pockets in the Datrek Golf Lite Rider II is zippered and give you more than enough storage. You’ll be able to use the 2 oversized apparel pockets, a fleece-lined valuables pocket, a ball pocket, and even an insulated cooler pocket.


  • check
    Convenient rain hood
  • check
    Very lightweight
  • check
    Fits easily into push carts
  • check
    Easily protects your clubs


  • Garment pockets are too large
  • Difficult to organize small accessories


When it comes to versatility, ease of use, and functionality, the best women’s golf bag is easily the Dtrek Golf Lite Rider II. Not only does it offer an exceptional number of features, but it is the type of golf bag that is adaptable to both professional and casual use, which makes it a very well-rounded item.

The first thing that stands out about the Datrek Golf Lite Rider II is the fact that it has more than enough storage. Although it’s not the best at keeping smaller accessories separated, you can always find personal organizers for your tees, scorecards, and pens. The quality of the bag is exceptional, as it can be used in all types of weather without the worry of fading colors and damage to the material, especially as it comes equipped with an easy-to-use rain hood.

Above all else, the Datrek Golf Lite Rider II is designed to keep your clubs protected, which is exactly what you’d expect from the best women’s golf bag on the market. Not only does it have a top divider, it also provides individual sleeves for all your clubs, protecting them from the head to the grip, which makes it an exceptional choice for all players.

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