Glove It Golf Bags Reviews

Glove It Golf Bags Reviews
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When she walks onto the golf course, the lady golfer wants to make sure she has just the right golf bag for her.  She wants to be stylish, yet practical, and she doesn’t want hauling the bag around to be a chore.

The good people at Glove It are committed to bringing fun and energy to the game of golf.  These bags are perfect examples of that, plus they have all the bells and whistles a lady golfer will need as she spends an afternoon or a morning on the golf course.

Glove It Golf Bags Reviews

1. Glove It 15-way Golf Bag

Who is this product for?

This bag is intended for the lady who likes to stand out when she's at the golf course.  This bag comes in a huge selection of 20 different bright colors, including the retro Checkmate (cerise, light blue and black checkered pattern), exotic Leopard (red with leopard print pattern) and tropical Sangria (hot pink with tropical flower pattern).

What are the Extras?

If she wanted to add a little something, she might purchase the matching club covers and towel to use on her bag, and gloves and a visor for herself to complete the ensemble.  A book binder with three zippers is also available for keeping track of the score with style.

Overview of Features

Easy-Lift Handle System

Not just for beauty, this bag is also equipped with an easy-lift system which allows a golfer to place her bag in the cart with little effort.  The bag is lightweight and customers love how easy it is to maneuver.

Keep the Look in the Rain

This bag is ready for any weather, with a thermal-lined cooler pocket for drinks to stay drinkable in the hot weather.  If it rains or pours, this bag features a rain-hood cover to protect your set, and an umbrella pocket so you can bring your umbrella along to protect your hair.

A Pocket for Everything

Along with the space for all her clubs, the lady golfer will appreciate a special well for her putter. Each pocket is easy to access tees and pencils, cellphones, balls, garments and accessories.

2.Glove it 2017 14 - Way Cart Golf Bag

Who is this product for?

The serious lady golfer will find that this bag has distinction, with enough room for a full set of clubs.  This style of bag comes in 14 different colors and prints to match any outfit, or any mood!

For the lady who has everything, she will want to purchase the matching golf gloves that come with it if she really wants to look stylish on the course.

What are the Extras?

Matching towel and club head covers are available separately which will complete the look she wants.

Overview of Features

14-way golf bag

This bag is for a lady golfer’s full set of clubs.  She will find her set well protected because the dividers extend the length of the bag.

Logo-ready ball pocket

For the lady golfer who wants the world to know that this beautiful golf bag belongs to her alone, there is a ball pocket that will zip right off, so she can have it customized with her logo or initials.


This incredible bag is only 5 pounds in weight.  Customers appreciate how light the bag is, and how easy it is to bring it along with you as you make your way through the course.

3.Glove it Daisy Script Golf Bag

Who is this product for?

This is for the lady golfer who doesn’t have or doesn’t want a full set of clubs with her on the course.  There is a sufficient 8 spaces with full-length dividers to keep the clubs she does have safe and sound.

What are the Extras?

To complete the stylish look of this bag, the lady golfer can purchase a matching tote bag. It is red and black with two carry handles, zippered pockets and large enough to hold a tennis racket.

Overview of Features

Organized design

Pockets for everything are found in the design of this stylish golf bag.  A thermal-lined cooler pocket for drinks, a zip-off ball pocket for customizing, and additional pockets for valuables and accessories will leave the lady golfer with her hands free for golfing.

A Putter Well

The sensible golfer doesn’t want her putter to damage the shafts of her other clubs, so she will appreciate the outside putter well.  Keeping the putter more handy while protecting her other clubs makes good sense and does not alter the style of the bag one bit.

Lift and Carry with Ease

This golf bag is easy to carry on and off the course.  It features an easy to lift handle for placing the bag on a cart or in a car trunk, while the padded carry strap makes carrying the bag a breeze.


The Glove It people sure know how to make a golf bag for a lady.  No matter what her sense of style or number of clubs in her set, the bags featured in this article will fit the bill.  She will feel great and look better with the beautiful choice of designs and colors, and shop just a bit more with the varied matching accessories that are optional with each bag.

Happy shopping, and successful golfing!

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